Learn your ABCs through play!

Magic Finger ABC is a learning tool app designed to get kids interested in English language acquisition.

Here are a variety of fascinating games that teach the alphabet, including: “Listen and Write the ABCs”, “Listen to New Words”- incorporating the alphabet, “Typing New Words” and “ABC Puzzle.”

Sit back and watch your child discover that learning can be fun!



  • All sounds recorded were made with native voice actors and in a studio setting.  Attune your child’s ears to the sounds of native speakers (American English)
  • Designed with proven gamification concepts to help the user lose themselves in the game while learning!
  • Stimulate your child’s senses with the 3-dimensional interface!
  • Sketches made by your child are automatically saved, allowing you to look back to the first time your kids wrote their ABCs.
  • Several mini-games are available for each letter.  Learn the alphabet and vocabulary through exciting play!
  • Face the boss character as you advance through each level!  An exciting and effective new approach to reviewing your ABCs!
  • Warm and fuzzy watercolory illustrations your child will grow to love.
  • Up to 6 players allowed, so plenty of room for brothers and sisters!

Recommended ages


(Any child that can use their finger to draw a line)

Future Developments

We are working on an exciting feature that will allow you to share your child’s handwriting and game scores with members of your extended family (registered family members only).